Summer is coming!

                                        It has been a long time since my last and only post. Somehow life has been very hectic since last summer when I started running this website and starting dyeing yarn. We've had highs and we've had lows in the past year. Certainly one of the happiest moments was to see my son falling in love for the first time and going to University and my daughter turning sixteen, leaving her secondary school and starting collage, but we also suffered a loss of my dear Mother in low...

But such is a circle of life! What this has taught me is to live for the moment, love dearly and only do what makes me happy!

I have to admit that I wasn't sure if I was ever going to dye yarn again, the grey of winter and the sadness of seeing my sweet Mother in low suffer meant that I didn't want to look at my dyeing pots. I decided to leave it and decide later.

Until something prompted me to pick up my old crochet hook! I have been enjoying seeing my friends crocheting on their blankets from afar  and I always thought that one day I would like to start my own blanket too but first I must finish my big projects, that crocheting blankets is too long and is not going to be engaging enough. Until I thought NO, I will start what I want, I will knit if I feel like it and if crochet is what takes my fancy then crochet it will be. It didn't take me long to completely immerse myself in colour exploration of designing my blanket, when I say designing I mean the colour that makes me the happiest is the the next colour I shall use. Very soon dyeing followed and unsurprisingly dyeing sets of mini skeins too.



My very first Crochet CAL was what followed next. A year long crochet blanket cal with prizes drawn every month. Each and every blanket with its own story this CAL is bursting with love and inspiration. All you need is to go to our #crochetfromyourheart on Instagram or my Raverly thread to read some of the wonderful stories that come with each blanket. 

I think what you can expect from my yarn in the upcoming months is an abundance of colour and multitude of crochet samples.

Until next time, be bald be blessed and follow your heart!


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