My current colour collection is all about one of my favourite childhood novels and a movie The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! What I love most about this collection is the wide variety of colours reminiscent of the movie! Each skein is named after a character or a quote taken from the novel!

I hope you enjoy jumping on board, with the Wonderful Wizard of Oz adventure with me!

Alongside building a new palette of regular colourway collections you are also able to find the exclusive Outside the Box colourways. 

Outside the Box, colourways are where you will find interesting experiments, and future colourways to be. Sometimes they might happen as a result of new colour preliminaries and sometimes by simply messing about! Some of the colours here might never be seen again and some are sneaky peeks into what’s to come and that’s what makes them truly unique and special!

Each Skein is dyed individually or in small batches.

As with all hand-dyed yarn,  no two skeins are identical and alternating skeins is recommended.

Hand wash with care.


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